How to improve wifi signal upstairs:5 Simple ways

Is your WiFi signal not strong enough upstairs? Are you looking for ways to improve the signal in your home? There are some simple things that you can do in order to get a stronger connection. Follow these tips and tricks to make sure that every corner of your house is covered by high-quality internet.

5 ways to Improve Your WiFi Signal Upstairs.

1.Place router higher up and facing people:

You may want to do is place the router higher up on a shelf or desk, so it faces towards where people are most often located. Many people do not realize how important it is to place their router in the right spot.

Often, people will put their routers on the floor or in a corner which can cause the signal to be blocked and reduce speed. By placing your router higher up and facing where people are located, you can improve your WiFi signal strength.

To improve the wifi signal on your property, you’ll need a high-quality mesh wifi system that covers your entire home.

2.Buy antenna booster:

Another way to improve your WiFi signal strength is by purchasing an antenna booster. This device will amplify the signals that are coming from your router, which will help them reach further and be clearer than they would be without the booster.

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This is a great option for people who have routers with weak antennas or whose homes have a lot of dead spots.

More signal means more connectivity which will mean faster internet speeds for everyone in the household.

A WiFi antenna booster can be purchased online or at most home improvement stores.

The cost of this device is typically around $20, but it could potentially save you money by improving how strong your WiFi signal strength is.

3.Move away from appliances and electronic devices:

Another thing that can be done is to move the router away from any appliances or electronic devices, as these items will interfere with how far your WiFi signal reaches. You should also try moving closer to the router when you are trying to connect since interference tends to happen most often when users are further away from their routers.

When it comes to how far the signal reaches, you should keep in mind that electronics can interfere with how strong your WiFi connection is. Many people will place their routers next to a TV or even on top of one. This makes for weak signals and slow speeds when trying to connect outside of the home.

It’s best if you can move the router away from any appliances or electronic devices and closer to where you will be using it the most. If this is not possible, try turning these devices off when you are trying to connect.

4.Change channel on router:

Another thing you can do to improve how far your WiFi signal reaches is by changing the channel that your router works on. Oftentimes, many people will have their routers set up in auto mode which means it chooses a random channel for its usage each time there are no connections made.

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This could be any of the channels listed below so when trying to connect, if you’re having trouble doing so, it might be because your router is set to a channel that is not being used in your area.

To change the channel on your router: go to > Click on the tab that says “Wireless” > Under Channels, type in the channel you want to use in the Channel Number box.

Then click Save.

5.Turn off other channels on router if close to it:

If you are close to your router and experiencing interference, another thing you can do is turn off the other channels on your router. This will help improve how strong your WiFi signal upstairs is by giving it less competition.

You should also turn off other channels on your router that are not in use so that they don’t interfere with your signal.

To do this go to: > Click on the tab that says “Wireless” > Under Channels, uncheck any boxes next to unused channels.

Then click Save.

This will help improve how strong your WiFi signal upstairs is and throughout the entire home.


These are some simple ways that you can improve your WiFi signal upstairs. By following these tips, you’ll be able to connect faster and have a more reliable connection no matter where in the house you are. If you’re still having trouble connecting, it might be time to invest in a mesh wifi system. These systems will cover your entire home with a strong WiFi signal and are easy to set up.

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