How to Get Better at PUBG: Important Tips and Tricks

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also referred to as PUBG, has become incredibly popular. Since its release in 2017, the game has gone from strength to strength, amassing a large and loyal player base. 

The winner is the person left standing after up to 100 players are dumped onto an island. There is a tonne of strategy required, and the gaming is fast-paced and aggressive.

PUBG is an incredibly addictive game, and it’s easy to see why it has become so popular. Players must scrounge for supplies and weaponry while making strategic decisions about when to engage in combat. 

The island is constantly shrinking, so players must keep moving to avoid being caught in the “death zone.” Whether playing solo or with friends, there’s always something new to discover.

Six Tips To Improve Your PUBG Gaming Skills

If you’re looking to jump into the fray and improve your chances of victory, check out these six tips and tricks.

  1. Use Cover Effectively

One of the most important things to remember in PUBG is that cover equals life. When you’re out in the open, you’re a sitting duck for players with a better position and more accurate aim. 

Use buildings, trees, cars, and anything else you can find to cover yourself whenever possible. In addition to giving you time to collect your breath and assess the situation, this will make it more difficult for adversaries to hit you.

  1. Stay on the Move

Even if you’re behind cover, staying in one place for too long is a recipe for disaster. Not only will enemies be able to track your position, but the ever-shrinking safe zone will eventually force you out into the open, where you’ll be vulnerable to attacks. 

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Wherever possible, stay on the move and change your position frequently. This will not only make it more difficult for attackers to find you, but it will also improve your field of vision.

  1. Be Patient With Your Shots

One of the most common mistakes new players make is taking shots before they have a clear line of sight on their target. Remember that every bullet counts in PUBG, so making every shot count is essential. 

Unless you’re optimistic that you can make the shot, wait for an opportunity when your target is exposed before pulling the trigger. Putting down accurate fire is always better than spraying and praying.

  1. Carefully Select Your Weapons and Gear

Each game of PUBG starts with everyone on equal footing—you have nothing but your wits and whatever you can find lying around. That being said, not all guns and gear are created equal. Pay close attention to what’s available and carefully consider what would work best for your playstyle before selecting. 

And once you’ve got a few items in your inventory, don’t be afraid to ditch them if something better comes—it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

  1. Balance Solo & Team Play 

While there is something to be said for honing your skills by playing solo matches, finding a balance between solo and team play is also essential. Playing in a team will teach you how to communicate effectively with other players and work together towards a common goal. 

However, playing solo matches will help you learn to rely on your skills and instincts when it comes down to the wire. Try to strike a balance between the two so that you can benefit from both types of play.

  1.  Practice Makes Perfect
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There’s no substitute for practice for getting better at PUBG—or any game, for that matter. The more time you spend playing, the more comfortable you’ll become with the mechanics and the better equipped you will be to deal with any situation. 

If you want to up your game, consider setting up some solo sessions or joining a squad where you can learn from more experienced players. Either way, keep at it, and those wins will start coming soon! 

At last, we recommend you go through the PUBG hacks, knowing these will give you an edge over your competitors and eventually help you get better at the game.


If you’re a PUBG player looking to step up, following these tips and tricks should help you become a chicken dinner champion. Practice makes perfect, so keep going even if it takes time to see results. 

And finally, remember to have fun! Even if winning is fantastic, PUBG is only a game at its core. So no need to take your losses so seriously.