Easy Fixes For Dead Pixels On Iphone: Complete Guide

Quick Answer: To fix dead pixels on your iPhone, you can try performing a screen refresh, applying gentle pressure on the affected area, or using specialized software.

Have you ever noticed a tiny, unresponsive spot on your iPhone’s screen, like a dead pixel? It can be quite annoying, especially when you’re watching videos or playing games. Dead pixels are common display issues that can occur on any smartphone, including iPhones. Although they may seem permanent, there are some simple steps you can take to fix them.

In this article, we will explore various methods for fixing dead pixels on your iPhone. Whether you have an iPhone X, iPhone 11, or any other model, these solutions should work. So, let’s dive right in and learn how to get rid of those annoying dead pixels!

Note: Before attempting any of the methods mentioned here, it’s recommended to backup your iPhone and consult Apple Support if your device is still under warranty.

Easy Fixes for Dead Pixels on iPhone: Complete Guide

How to Fix Dead Pixels on iPhone


Dealing with dead pixels on your iPhone can be frustrating, especially when they appear on the beautiful Retina display. Dead pixels are stuck or non-functional pixels that result in small black or white spots on the screen. While they may not affect the overall functionality of your device, they can be bothersome and impair your viewing experience. In this article, we will guide you through various methods to fix dead pixels on your iPhone.

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Understanding Dead Pixels

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s important to understand what dead pixels are and why they occur. Dead pixels are tiny dots on your iPhone screen that fail to display the correct color. They can either remain permanently black (dead) or permanently white (hot). The most common cause of dead pixels is manufacturing defects, but they can also result from physical damage, software glitches, or aging components.

Method 1: Applying Pressure

One of the simplest and most straightforward methods to fix dead pixels is by applying gentle pressure to the affected area. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off your iPhone and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Locate the dead pixel on the screen.
  3. Using a soft cloth or a rubber-tipped stylus, apply gentle pressure directly on the dead pixel.
  4. While applying pressure, turn on your iPhone.
  5. Continue pressing for a few seconds and then release.
  6. Check if the dead pixel is now working properly.

Method 2: Using Pixel Fixing Apps

If the pressure method did not work, you can try using pixel fixing apps that aim to repair dead pixels by displaying rapidly changing colors and patterns. Follow these steps to utilize a pixel fixing app:

  1. Search the App Store for pixel fixing apps.
  2. Choose a reputable app with positive reviews and download it to your iPhone.
  3. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to fix the dead pixels.
  4. Usually, these apps display a series of flashing colors and patterns on your screen for a specified duration.
  5. After the designated time, check if the dead pixels have been resolved.

Method 3: Applying Heat

Applying heat to the affected area is another technique that might help revive dead pixels on your iPhone. However, it is essential to exercise caution while using heat to prevent any damage. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Turn off your iPhone and let it cool down for a few minutes, if it was being used.
  2. Using a hairdryer, set it to the lowest heat setting.
  3. Hold the hairdryer a few inches away from the dead pixel and start applying heat to the area.
  4. Move the hairdryer around gently, ensuring not to concentrate heat on a single spot for too long.
  5. Continue doing this for about 3-5 minutes.
  6. Turn on your iPhone and check if the dead pixel is now functioning normally.
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Method 4: Seeking Professional Assistance

In some cases, dead pixels may require professional intervention. If the above methods fail to fix the dead pixels on your iPhone, it is advisable to reach out to an authorized service center or an Apple store. Trained technicians can assess the issue more accurately and suggest appropriate solutions, which may involve pixel replacement or screen repair.

Dealing with dead pixels on your iPhone can be annoying, but there are several methods you can try to fix them. From applying pressure to using pixel fixing apps and applying heat, these techniques aim to revive the non-functional pixels on your device’s screen. However, if these methods prove unsuccessful, it’s best to consult professionals to ensure a proper resolution.

Remember, while attempting any of the mentioned methods, always handle your iPhone with care and follow the instructions diligently. Good luck in resolving those pesky dead pixels on your iPhone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix dead pixels on my iPhone?

To fix dead pixels on your iPhone, you can try the following methods:

What is a dead pixel and how does it occur?

A dead pixel is a pixel on the display that remains unlit or appears as a small black dot. It usually occurs when a pixel fails to receive electrical signals, resulting in it staying off or dead.

Can dead pixels be fixed without professional help?

Yes, there are a few methods you can try to fix dead pixels on your iPhone without professional help. However, please keep in mind that success is not guaranteed, and you should proceed with caution.

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How do I perform a pixel refresh on my iPhone?

To perform a pixel refresh, you can try a simple technique called “massaging” the affected area. Gently press your finger on the dead pixel and apply light pressure while turning your screen on and off. Repeat this process several times to see if it helps revive the pixel.

Is there an app that can fix dead pixels on my iPhone?

Yes, there are specific apps available on the App Store that claim to fix dead pixels. These apps typically display rapid color changes or patterns to stimulate the stuck pixel. However, their effectiveness may vary, and it’s important to read reviews and use them at your own discretion.

When should I consider seeking professional help to fix dead pixels?

If the above methods fail to fix the dead pixels on your iPhone, or if you’re uncomfortable attempting DIY solutions, it’s advisable to seek professional help. Apple authorized service providers or Apple Support can guide you further and provide suitable solutions for dead pixel issues.

Final Thoughts

If you have dead pixels on your iPhone screen, there are a few solutions you can try. First, you can gently massage the pixel area with a soft cloth or your finger to see if it resolves the issue. If that doesn’t work, you can use a pixel fixing app or a stuck pixel tool to stimulate the pixel and fix the problem. Another option is to apply pressure to the affected area using a screen suction cup. If all else fails, you may need to contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service center to get your iPhone repaired. Follow these steps to fix dead pixels on your iPhone.

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