How To Fix a Corrupted SD Card On Android Without a Computer?

Fixing a corrupted SD card without a PC might be a complex task, because there are not many worthy tools to accomplish the issue!

But there are still some useful ways to do that without taking help from a computer. 

So if you’re searching for a comprehensive article about how to fix a corrupted SD card on android without a computer, you’re in the right place.

Here we have shown how to make sure that your SD card is corrupted, two useful and quick solutions to fix the issue, and more.

How To Make Sure Your SD Card Is Corrupted?

Before reading the guide, you may want to know if your SD card is corrupted or not. However, there are tons of errors that can occur due to a lot of technical reasons. Follow the six most common signs below.

  1. Your files or photos are somehow missing.
  2. Your mobile throws up an error while reading or writing your SD card.
  3. The Files on the SD card are not readable.
  4. You can notice an error message like (check SD card before inserting it).
  5. Sometimes your phone may not be able to recognize the SD card.
  6. Your SD card ‘read or write’ speed may become slow and unusable.
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Although you may face any other error in some cases, in most cases, you’ll see these errors.

How To Fix a Corrupted SD Card On Android Without a Computer?

We can mainly follow so many methods to fix the issue, but following some complex methods is time-consuming, so for your convenience, we’ve only shown you the top 3 ways.

Top Three Ways To Fix a Corrupted SD Card:

  1. Format the Corrupted SD Card.
  2. Insert Your SD Card to Another Device.
  3. SD Card Repair solution.

Way #1 Formating Your Corrupted SD Card.

We’re not saying that formatting your SD card is the only way, but you can try the method if you want a quick fix.

But when you want to format your SD card using your android phone, your phone must first read the corrupted SD card. Otherwise, your phone will not support the card.

If you have any important files on the SD card, before hitting the formatting button, make sure you already have a backup file not to lose your file.

Ok, assuming you have a backup file and would like to format the SD card, here’s how to do that:

  • Open your android phone and go to the setting.
  • Find the Storage tap and then find the SD card option.
  • There you’ll see an option called first SD card, so click on the option.
  • Once clicked, there you’ll also see a confirmation box. Click on the Erase and format.

Once you have confirmed that your memory card has been formatted, go to your file manager to check if it works properly.

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Way #2 Insert Your Corrupted SD Card to Another Device.

If you are confident and think that your SD card is not only working on your device and may work with any other device, you can follow this method.

All you need to do is just put your SD card into any other device, and the device can be any android phone, camera. 

After checking your SD card with other devices, if you realize that it is working properly, then you understand that your device is not compatible with that SD card or, for some reason, can’t make a good connection.

In this case, as a next step, you can back up your files again from any other devices, and restart your phone and put your SD card again. If it works, it may be your destiny, but if not, follow the next step.

Way #3 Repair Your SD Card:

When it comes to repairing corrupted SD cards, you’ll find many apps from the google play store for your android device. Of course, those apps must be of good quality.

These apps will allow you to repair your CD card, and we’ll suggest the “SD card fix repair” android app. 


When your SD card is corrupted for some reason, you may try hard to resolve the issue.

However, you will not be able to resolve this issue until you have a proper guideline, 

But if you follow today’s methods, we’re confident! You’ve got the right ways!

Dis: Looking for a guide where you can learn about How To Fix a Corrupted Sd Card On Android Without a Computer? We are confident that here we have given the correct information!