How To Delete Twitter Search History?

As a Twitter user, you may need to search for a user or your favourite person’s accounts on this platform.

But have you ever asked yourself how to delete Twitter search history on your account?

In fact, Deleting your Twitter search history is an important thing when you think about your Twitter search saved limitation, because Twitter only saves 25 search queries for a single account.

Although the most useful side of keeping these queries in your account saved is you can quickly access your searches via the menu next to the search box.

However, if the search box of your Twitter account is full in 25 search queries, then you have to remove them and input the next searches.

How To Delete Twitter Search History?

Removing your Twitter searches is just a matter of time, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge, following the steps below will be enough.

How to Remove Twitter Search History on Mobile App?

Deleting them on a mobile phone is simple than the Twitter website, follow the guide below:

  • Open your mobile and run the Twitter app
  • Once it’s open, go to the search box
  • There you can see all the previous search history
  • Select an individual search that you want to remove from the list
  • Click into the “X” icon, it will delete the history

But sometimes you might not see the X icon appear, if this happens, tap on the search box, select the three dots icon, and press the “Delete Search” option.

How To Delete Twitter Search History on Computer?

  • Open your computer and a web browser
  • Login to your account with the right username and password
  • Once it’s done, click on the search box from the right side of the page
  • If you searched any queries in the box, there you can see two option, Clear All, and X button to remove only one query
  • So if you just remove a single search, click on the X icon or hit the “Clear All” to delete all the hashtags, keywords, or usernames.

Note: Once you click on the Clear all button, it will ask you for a confirmation message to let you know if you want to delete all of them or not. Once you remove them, you can’t undo the searches.

Removing Normal Searches:

Normal searches are the kind of queries that you have written into your Twitter search box but not hit the search button.

These words will be saved temporarily in your search history not permanently, but you can remove them from the same page. All you need to do is just select one and click on the X icon.

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How To Save Searches:

In addition to clearing search history on Twitter, you can easily save them if you want. Saving them will help you to search for a quickie next time.

Here’s How To Do:

  • Go to the app or website via a browser
  • Find the search option
  • Write a word according to your needs
  • Hit the search button
  • Click on the three dots icon.
  • There you can see three options, Search Setting, Advanced Search, Save Search.
  • Now while your searched word is in the box, click on Save Search, it will save the specific word, you can also delete the word from there by clicking to the delete saved search.

FAQ Section:

  1. Can you clear all history on Twitter?

Yes, there are two options available to remove the searches, one for single history delete, another is for deleting all the searches at once.

  1. How to clear Twitter cache on a mobile?

Clearing cache on your Twitter app will help you to use the app faster and smoother, it will also free up your space, To Do That, Open Phone Setting > Apps > Find Twitter App > Storage > Clear Cache, That’s It.

  1. What happens when you clear twitter cache?

When you delete the cache of your Twitter app, your account will be safe and will not delete any account related information like followers, password, however, it will reset the entire app settings.


If you’re a new user of Twitter, This kind of simple issue will be solved by following some basic tips.

Hopefully, this how to delete twitter search history article will hugely help you remove the queries you made in your account.