Google Play Store Download Pending Solution

Google Play store Download Pending Solution shoukhintech

Google play store is an official store of apps in android phones. You get all kinds of apps here and they are trusted. Sometimes you find google play store download pending notification. It stops downloading the app or updating it. No matter how good your internet connection is or how good the performed phone is you use it. 

It’s a very simple work you need to do for stopping this error from your android phones. Follow these simple steps from the bottom list to solve this problem.

Google Play Store Download Pending Solution

  • Open the Setting of your phone.
  • Go to Manage app/ Apps and Notification.
  • Find Google Play Store from these apps.
  • Tap on storage
  • Clear Cache
  • Now Clear Data, That’s it.

You won’t face the problem of google play store download pending error. Make sure you have good internet connection while doing this. Sometime android shows you this error because of your connection.

Is that Solution Permanent?

You may face this problem frequently and it can’t be solved permanently. Google didn’t find a solution to fix this error permanently. Sometimes you have to follow this method every time you update or download an app. Not only budget phones, Flagship phones also have this download pending problem in google play store. A high-speed internet connection won’t help you to solve this.

Alternative Solution

You can use other websites like apkpure to download an app for your android device but it’s not safe for you. Google Play Store is an app by Google. It has only those apps available on its store which has agreed to their terms and condition. There are a lot of harmful apps that steal your personal data. Downloading apps from external websites will cause you these harms. So, we recommend using the google play store to download and update apps. 


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