Enable Instagram Dark Mode in Android and Know the Benefits in 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular social media. Like other social media, it also has dark mode but it is difficult to find out. But there is a very simple way to enable the dark mode of Instagram. There are many reason why you should use dark mode on apps. Almost every app supports dark mode nowadays.First let’s know how to enable the Instagram Dark Mode on Android.

Instagram don’t have dark mode option in the app but you can still do it with a simple trick. If you have an android phone than you  probably have  a dark mode option it the setting for your whole operating system. Most of the android OS has this feature like Stock android, Android ONE, MIUI, Color OS and others. 

Even it works on all the  previous android version like Android Marshmallow (6), Android Nougat (7), Android Oreo (8), Android Pie (9) and of course in Android 10.

1.First go to “Setting” of your phone.

2.Find “Display Setting” from There.

3.You will find “Dark Mode” there.

4.Enable Dark mode.

Alternative way:

If you don’t have this option in your android phone than there is another way to enable Instagram dark mode in your android phone. Go to “Setting > About Phone“. Tap on Android version for few times rapidly. You will unlock Developer option by doing that. Now go to “Additional Setting” of your phone. Hope you will find Dark mode there.

Why should i use dark mode?

You must think sometime that “Do i really need dark mode of any apps? Why should i use dark mode?”  Well, Dark mode is not just about a color. It has many other benefits that you don’t know about. Almost every popular app and websites has dark mode now. They are not just providing you a black color. Dark mode is good for your phones health and yours as well.

Benefits of Dark mood:

1. Good for Battery : Battery is a big issue in nowadays mobile phone. Everybody cares about phones battery and they should. Dark mode of Instagram and others app drain phones charge slowly. It don’t  use phones battery that much. That’s why battery last longer on dark mood users

2. Eye Care : If you ever used Dark mode Instagram of any app in your android than you must notice that it is very good for your eyes. It protects  your eye in low light from bright temperature of screen.

3. Looks of Phone : Black is a classy color. Many of you like black most. It Gives your phone a minimal look. If you are using an android phone or Iphone you must go for black OS. Every software company is now developing their dark  theme for every app or program. 

Why should i care?

Most of the people nowadys like to use their phone in night in the bed. So, if they use phone at light mode then it will harm their eyes and it is also bad for brain. That’s why many eye protector has came. Many Mobile company like xiaomi and samsung added Eye protector by default in their smartphones.

If you like to travelling then you must care about your phones charge. Android phones can’t last long like the old button phone. If you use dark mode in all apps including instagram in your android phone then your phones battery will last longer and you will be able to use it for long time.

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