Can You See Who Views Your Posted Videos on Facebook?

There are a lot of people out there that think they can see who views their posted videos on Facebook. While it may be possible to see who views your profile or pictures, it is not currently possible to see who watches your videos once they are posted. Even if you have your privacy settings set to where only friends can view your video, anyone that is friends with one of your friends can still watch the video.

So while you might be able to get a general idea of who is watching your video, Facebook does not give users the ability to specifically see who views their videos.

  • Go to the video you want to see views for on Facebook
  • Click on the “
  • ” in the top right corner of the video
  • Select “View Insights” from the drop-down menu that appears
  • Here you will see how many total views the video has, as well as a breakdown of who has viewed it (e
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Can You See Who Views Your Videos on Facebook 2022 Reddit

As of right now, you cannot see who views your videos on Facebook. However, there is a possibility that this could change in the future. Right now, Facebook is testing out a new feature that would allow users to see who has viewed their videos.

This feature is currently being tested in Australia and New Zealand. If it is successful, it could be rolled out to all users in the future. So, if you’re wondering if you can see who views your videos on Facebook, the answer is maybe!

If You Scroll Past a Video on Facebook Does It Count As a View

When you scroll past a video on Facebook, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the video has been viewed. If someone watches a video for at least 3 seconds, it counts as a view. However, if someone scrolls past the video without watching it, it doesn’t count as a view.

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Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Posts

Yes, you can see who views your Facebook posts. To do this, simply go to the post in question and look at the list of people who have liked, commented, or shared it. This will give you a good indication of who has seen your post.

Keep in mind that not everyone who sees your post will take one of these actions, so the list is not exhaustive. Nevertheless, it should give you a good idea of ​​who has viewed your post.

Who Can See My Videos on Facebook

There are a lot of people who wonder who can see their videos on Facebook. After all, Facebook is a social networking site and people share all sorts of things on there. So, it’s only natural to want to know who can see your videos.

The answer is actually pretty simple. Anybody who is your friend on Facebook can see your videos. That includes people who you have accepted as friends, as well as those who have sent you a friend request which you haven’t yet accepted or denied.

In addition, any friends of yours who are in your same network (school, work, etc.) can also see your videos. Now, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if you have set your privacy settings so that only friends can see your profile information, then only friends will be able to see your videos.

Similarly, if you have set specific privacy settings for individual albums or photos (including video), then those will override the general privacy setting for all photos/videos and control who can and cannot see them. So there you have it! If you’re ever wondering about whether or not someone can see one of your videos on Facebook, just check their friendship status with you and/or look at your privacy settings to be sure.

How to See Views on Facebook Videos 2022

Are you wondering how to see views on Facebook videos? Here’s a quick and easy guide! 1. Log into your Facebook account and go to your profile page.

2. Click on the “Videos” tab near the top of the page.

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3. Find the video you want to check views for, and click on it to open it. 4. Near the bottom of the video, you’ll see a number next to “Views.”

This is how many times your video has been viewed!

Can You See Who Views Your Posted Videos on Facebook?


Can You See Who Views Your Posted Videos on Facebook

There are a number of ways to see who views your posted videos on Facebook. The first is to check the Insights data for your page. Insights is a tool that provides metrics about your page, including information on video views.

To access your page’s Insights data, go to your page and click on the “Insights” tab at the top of the screen. Then click on “Posts” in the left-hand sidebar. Here you will see a list of all the posts you’ve made to your page, along with information on how many people have viewed each post.

Another way to see who has viewed your Facebook videos is to use the Facebook Graph API. The Graph API is a tool that allows developers to access data from Facebook. To use it, you’ll need to create a Facebook developer account and then create an app.

Once you’ve done this, you can use theGraph API Explorer toolto make calls to the API and get data about your videos, including information on who has viewed them. Finally, if you’re using Facebook ads to promote your videos, you can also track views in the Ads Manager tool. To do this, go to Ads Manager and click on “Campaigns” in the left-hand sidebar.

Then select the campaign that contains the ad for your video. In the column labeled “Results,” you will see information on how many people have viewed your video ad.

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Viewed Your Video on Facebook

There are a few ways to tell if someone has viewed your video on Facebook. If you’re using the Facebook app, you can go to the “Activity Log” for your page and look under the “Videos” tab. Here, you’ll see a list of all the videos you’ve uploaded, along with how many views each one has gotten.

If you click on a specific video, you can see even more detailed information about who has viewed it and when. If you’re not using the app, you can still get this information by going to your page’s Insights section. Here, under the “Posts” tab, you’ll find a list of all your videos and how many people have seen them.

Keep in mind that these numbers only reflect views from people who have liked or followed your page – they don’t include views from people who saw your video shared by someone else.

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What Information is Available to You When Someone Views Your Video on Facebook

When someone views your video on Facebook, they can see how many people have viewed it, how long the video is, when it was posted, and any description or caption you added. If the video is set to public, anyone can see it. If it’s set to private, only people who are friends with you on Facebook can see it.

You can also choose to share your video with specific friends or groups of friends.

Is It Possible to See How Many Times a Video Has Been Viewed on Facebook

Yes, it is possible to see how many times a video has been viewed on Facebook. To do so, simply click on the ” Views ” tab below the video title on the video’s page. From there, you will be able to see how many times the video has been viewed in total, as well as how many views it has gotten in the past 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

Do People Need to Have a Facebook Account in Order to View Videos That are Posted on the Site

No, people do not need to have a Facebook account in order to view videos that are posted on the site. The only time they would need an account is if they want to leave a comment or interact with the person who posted the video.

How to See Who Viewed/Watch My Facebook Video


The short answer to this question is no, you cannot see who views your posted videos on Facebook. However, there are some things that you can do in order to get a general idea of how many people are viewing your videos. For example, if you have a public page, you can look at the number of views that each video has.

Additionally, if you’re looking at a specific video, you can check to see how many likes, comments, and shares it has. While these methods won’t give you an exact number of viewers, they can give you a good idea of how popular your video is.