BIP App | Review, Comparison with WhatsApp, Imo

BIP is one of the most popular messenger apps at the moment, has gained immense popularity in a very short time, and because of their popularity, they’re working hard to improve their apps.

In the age of information technology, there are many messaging apps available in the market, there are many bad opinions about them, some apps are losing popularity due to showing extra ads, while some apps are not able to make good quality calls.

But have you ever wondered which is the most reliable solution to make high-quality video, audio calls without any hassle? If you already use a lot of apps and are not happy then you must try an alternative way.

And when it comes to alternative ways of messaging apps, of course, everyone is now suggesting BIP apps. It can be said that this is a wonderful discovery of the present age because most of the apps available in the market for messaging are not able to provide 100 % lack-free and add-free calls.

While the BIP apps are playing an important role in providing ad-free and lack-free calls for every time you make a call with others, no matter where you call!

So to make this app stand out in front of you today, I came up with a complete review. Where I have tried to highlight each of the small pros and cons of the app.

Moreover, this review is not limited to BIP, To compare with other apps in the market, I have brought two more apps in this review and compare them with the BIP app.

So to understand this complete thing, you must take some time to read the entire article! I will provide some tips about BIP at the end of this review which will make you more excited to use the app confidently and effectively.

What is a BIP App?

It’s an app that allows you to make audio and video calls for free. In a word, it’ll allow you to stay in touch with family & friends all over the planet! In this single app, you can do multiple things like sending the message, receiving a message, sending pictures, texts, documents for free!

bip apps messenger

Let’s take a look at what this app offers to us!

  • Make good quality audio and video calls:
  • Transfer Money
  • Offering a secret chatting feature
  • Text messaging
  • And more

Stay connected with me, I’ll give you the complete details of each of these features that offer the app.

Is BiP Messenger safe?

Completely safe (My personal opinion), but this thing only will happen when you turn on your account backup feature! Moreover, in a normal way, they will give you safety.

All files, photos, documents transferred to your account will be protected on their servers and their privacy policy is so hard that no one will be able to access that information without breaking their multi-layer security system!

Since this app Is new, they have hired many developers to strengthen their security and are working hard behind it. Moreover, so far there has been no incident through which you can blame them for stealing information.

History of The BIP Messaging App:

The history of BIP apps is a bit different, Initially, this app was only developed for the Turkish by a professional programmer called Bip A.S. The number of users is gradually increasing, Being more popular, But suddenly an unusual story happened!

This app started to gain popularity soon after the release of the new privacy policy from WhatsApp. There is also lots of news online claiming that the present Turkish Presidency’s Communications Office and the defense ministry of the country have started to move their communication groups to the locally-created and designed BiP application.

If you look at the current state of this app, you will see that it currently has a large number of users, and it’s available on both android and iOS platforms. Not only that, but We are actually lucky because this messaging platform also offers us a web version for computer and laptop users, you can think of this feature just like the Whatsapp web version.

Why Should Everyone Use The BIP App While Others Offering The Same Thing?

Yes, your question is good but there may be something wrong here. First of all, the mistake is that BIP is not like others, although the primary goal of this type of app is messaging, it has some features that are not found in other apps.

You can say everything in one place, yes, you got it right! Suppose you are given an app to use and there you can do messages to others, play games, send or receive money, you can do business and many more things can be done very easily through the app.

All this will be possible only when you use the BIP app. Making daily life easier from one place. So now of course you understand why it’s a bit of an exception. If an app is the most popular for messaging, gaming, Money transferring, this app should be named first.

However, I will never consider Facebook or Facebook Messenger apps to be Ineffective here, They are the best for their work. But without a doubt, IMO and WhatsApp can be compared to this app, which I have discussed in detail below.

BIP App Review & Features:

A messenger app means you can use it for sending messages, photos, files, but the BIP application is not limited to these features only. When you start to count all these features, you may be confused by seeing them.

For your convenience, I have made a list of those features and discussed them in detail.

Voice and video calls: You might think this is a common feature that is found in all messenger apps. But wait! Have you got high quality and leak-free video and audio calls from your already used messaging apps? There are very few lucky ones that I know of!

People are using this app so much to avoid this problem, the current users saying, Out of all the features of this app, they like the audio and video calling feature the most. If you read a review of this app from the Play Store, you might consider leaving your current Messenger app.

bip apps secure messenger

Chat: do you love to waste your time by text with anyone else? Or at leisure? Or already using any such apps and not getting instant messages? Then you should try the one for getting the real-time and extra fast delivered text messaging feature!

I’m not a huge fan of text messaging with my friends and family members, but from now I should try it by using this lightweight and clean messaging app!

Group chat: Group chat: You can create groups within this app and join up to 400 people there, but there are some advanced options. You can only send an invitation to anyone you want to join your group.

If that user later accepts your invitation, he will automatically join the group. Currently, a Group Chat plays a very important role for the students for their semester. They can discuss various issues with each other in that group.

Send Funny Stickers: I’ve seen some of their Funny stickers that are specially designed for BiP users to make their chatting happy and effective.  However, Facebook messenger, IMO, Whatsapp also offer their own created stickers, but this is not comparable to what the BIP app offers!

Chat with your Non-BIP contacts: after their last update released in the play store, user can start an SMS from Bip account to reach their contacts who are not on Bip (Totally free).

Translate your message: The language of almost every country in the world supports it, which means that if you write something in English and your recipient is Arabic, then he can see the message in Arabic. We do not see this feature in any of the other common messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Imo.

Have a second number: If you have two phone numbers, you will not need to carry two phones for two numbers to use the app! Using the same device you can call and send a message, it’s officially supported by BIP. So there is no possibility of the account being banned as a result of excessive use.

Memes: Like the Facebook story creating feature,  you can create your Meme by selecting some images from your gallery and adding them to your meme creating option. After that add some texts you want, ready your meme! Simple!

HD Video Call: You can join up to 10 HD video calls together without losing the video quality!

bip messenger apps

Location: Such an advanced feature is now available in this app, you can simply pick your location and send it to any specific group or person. They can see your location.

Games: BIP offered Games are not very advanced level, But if you love to play simple games, then it is possible to meet that need by using an app, Their app is offering several games to increase the engagement of the users for free of cost! which can be used to spend leisure time!

Money Transfer: The BIP Team Officially says, their app is one of the safest and relatable ways to transfer funds!

Why is BIP Better Than Other Messaging Apps?

The matter has become clear so far! You should use the app for a better experience and make your life easy.

Here you’ll get multiple features, So you’ll not need to install different apps to enjoy different benefits, focus on one!

BIP Messenger App VS Whatsapp & IMO: Which One Would be Good For You?

WhatsApp is one of the oldest players in this messaging app world, and IMO too! So suddenly they should never be called bad because they have already been used in the market for a long time and are providing good service as well as free messaging and calling features!

But we also need to note that people love to be updated over time, When you get something new, the old becomes wrong, and that is the reality.

We can catch this BIP app as a living example of this, WhatsApp said in its latest update release that it will now be able to sell all user information stored on its servers to other third-party companies.

Following the release of their large privacy policy, several countries around the world have decided to boycott them and many have already left WhatsApp and started using the BIP app.

The IMO, on the other hand, displays extra levels of ads that annoy customers, And because of this problem, Imo has already lost a lot of users! This problem is one of the biggest problems in Imo. They guarantee good quality video and audio calls like others!

Let’s take a look at some comparisons between WhatsApp and BIP:

WhatsApp Feature:

  • Video and Audio Calling Features
  • Text, file, photo, video sending options
  • Money Transfer
  • Quiz game
  • Simple and Smooth messaging experience
  • And more

Things to Consider!

They were okay in the past but now they are facing a lot of problems due to the recent privacy policy change, one of which is that they are losing an excess of users.

This one bad aspect of WhatsApp can hurt multiple things (They will be able to sell your personal information to anyone else), So if you prioritize your privacy then you must stop using WhatsApp and register in BIP apps.

imo ads

Let’s talk about Imo, early on this app was a boon for expatriates, Of course, there are still. We can see that it has the same features as WhatsApp but some features are not available like money transfer.

However, this would not be a problem if the ads in their app show less, The biggest problem with Imo is that it shows high levels of advertising. Moreover, it is good, but not better than BIP because the BIP app does not show advertisements!

Hope you understand the subject correctly. Now you might want to see some features of BIP, but I’ve already mentioned them at the top of the article!

But there are some hidden things about the BIP app you need to know before start using it!

Things To Consider Before Using the BIP App:

  • You will have to wait a while when you make the call
  • Once the account is opened with your phone number, you will not be able to change your phone number later, (they might add this feature by their next update)
  • The first time you open your account, it may take a while for the verification code to arrive on your phone number.

The things I said about BIP weren’t big issues, just a few users said so I warned you about those things.

For android users: Download Bip app from Google play store.

For iPhone users: Download link of Bip app.

Use Bip app on browser, visit:


(Finally, It can be said that BIP  is now one of the trending messaging apps) But there are other apps on the market like Facebook Messenger WhatsApp, Imo, Viber, you should respect them enough because your journey started maybe through them.

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