Best Touch Laptop For Graphic Designers

Are you a graphic designer who’s on the hunt for the best touch laptop to take your creativity to the next level? Look no further! We have rounded up five of the top laptops that feature amazing touch-enabled displays with all of the latest specifications. Whether you’re looking for a powerful machine for creative projects or something that’s lightweight and portable, this list has it all. From high-resolution screens to long battery life, these laptops are sure to provide an optimal experience for any graphic design enthusiast. Keep reading to find out which laptop is right for your needs.

– What to Look for in a Touch Laptop For Graphic Designers

When choosing a touch laptop for graphic design, there are several key factors to consider. The most important of these is the display size and resolution. A larger screen with a higher resolution will allow you to create more detailed designs and take advantage of all the features available in programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

The processor speed is also an essential factor when selecting a laptop for graphic design. You’ll want to choose one with at least an Intel Core i7 processor that can handle your projects without slowing down.

The RAM is also very important when considering a laptop for graphic design; 8GB is usually enough, but 16GB or more will give you even more power and performance when using memory-intensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Another important factor to look into when shopping for a touch laptop for graphic design is the graphics card. A dedicated GPU (graphics processing unit) can greatly improve the performance of your computer, allowing you to render 3D graphics quickly and smoothly. Look for laptops that come with at least an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or better if you’re serious about your design work.

Finally, make sure that the laptop has plenty of storage space available so you don’t have to worry about running out of room while working on large-scale projects. At least 256GB of SSD (solid state drive) space should do the trick, but if possible, opt for 512GB or even 1TB if you plan on storing high-resolution images and video clips.

– The Top 5 Touch Laptops for Graphic Designers

When it comes to touch laptops for graphic design professionals, there’s no shortage of options. With so many different models and options out there, trying to decide which one is the best can be a daunting task. To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 touch laptops for graphic designers. We’ll go over what you should look for when selecting a laptop and then explore each of our top picks in-depth.

At the top of the list is Apple’s MacBook Pro 16″. Offering crisp visuals at up to 500 nits of brightness, this laptop is perfect for editing photos and videos. Additionally, its large display makes multitasking on creative projects much easier. The MacBook Pro also features a powerful 9th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and up to 64GB of RAM – enough power to take on any creative task with ease.

Coming in at number two is Dell’s XPS 13″, an ultra-thin model that still packs plenty of power. Featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage, this laptop offers excellent performance in a lightweight design. It also has an incredible 4K UHD display – perfect for photo and video editing – as well as Thunderbolt 3 ports for connecting external storage devices.

Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 takes third place on our list with its high-performance hardware and innovative design features. This laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card – making it ideal for demanding tasks such as 3D modeling or animation rendering. Additionally, its detachable screen makes it easy to use as both a laptop and tablet depending on your needs.

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Fourth in line is ASUS’ ZenBook 14″. This model boasts an ultra-slim profile but still manages to include all the features you need for graphic design work including an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage; plus its 14” Full HD NanoEdge touchscreen display lets you view your work in vibrant detail from any angle.

Last but not least is Acer’s Spin 5 13″ convertible laptop/tablet hybrid which offers great portability without sacrificing performance thanks to its 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage capacity; while its 13” Full HD touchscreen display gives you smooth navigation when working on creative tasks such as digital art or illustration.

These are just some of the top touch laptops available right now that are suitable for professional graphic design work – so if you’re looking for the best option out there to get your projects done quickly and efficiently then one of these laptops will definitely fit the bill!

– No. 1: Apple MacBook Pro 16″

The Apple MacBook Pro 16″ is a powerful workstation-level laptop designed for creative professionals who need the best performance and touch capabilities. It has a stunning 16-inch Retina display with True Tone technology, perfect for graphic design projects. Thanks to its powerful Intel Core i7 processor, dedicated graphics card, and up to 32GB of RAM, it will handle any task without breaking a sweat. You can also configure it with up to 8TB of storage for storing large files like photos and videos. Plus, it has a glass trackpad with Force Touch and the familiar butterfly keyboard that allows you to work efficiently on your designs. The battery life is long enough to last you throughout the day so you can stay productive wherever you go. With its sleek aluminum design and attractive color options, this laptop looks as good as it performs!

– No. 2: Dell XPS 13″

The Dell XPS 13″ is a powerhouse laptop designed for graphic designers who need a precision instrument to get the job done. It comes with an impressive Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, making it ideal for handling large files and tasks without slowing down. The 13″ display also boasts a stunning 4K resolution and 100% sRGB colour accuracy, perfect for viewing and creating stunning visuals. The vibrant InfinityEdge display also offers an almost bezel-less design that allows you to take advantage of all the screen real estate. Additionally, its slim profile makes it incredibly portable so you can take your work wherever you go. For those who need additional features, the Dell XPS 13″ also offers up to 10 hours of battery life, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and a built-in fingerprint reader for secure logins. All in all, the Dell XPS 13″ is one of the top touch laptops for graphic design that packs plenty of power in a sleek package.

– No. 3: Microsoft Surface Book 3

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 makes an ideal choice for graphic designers looking for the perfect touch laptop. This device stands out for its powerful processor, high-resolution display and great battery life, making it the perfect all-in-one device for those who need to work on their designs day and night.

The Surface Book 3 comes equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and up to 2TB of storage space, providing plenty of power to handle large image files with ease. The 13” PixelSense touchscreen display offers a sharp resolution of 3000 x 2000 at 267 pixels per inch and is perfect for editing photographs or videos in stunning detail.

Graphic designers will also appreciate the battery life on the Surface Book 3 – you can get up to 17 hours* between charges. This means you can take it with you all day without worrying about running out of power in the middle of a project. Plus, the 100% sRGB colour accuracy ensures your work looks just as good on screen as it does when printed.

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The Surface Book 3 also comes with a range of versatile ports including two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, a full-size SD card reader and a headphone jack. Plus, there’s an optional dedicated graphics card that can be added for even better performance for demanding tasks like video rendering or 3D modelling.

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 is an outstanding laptop choice for graphic designers who need a powerful machine that can keep up with their creative needs and help them produce their best work.

– No. 4: ASUS ZenBook 14″

The ASUS ZenBook 14″ is an ideal touch laptop for graphic designers. Its slim, lightweight design and powerful specs make it a great choice for portability and performance. The laptop packs a punch with its 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 512GB PCIe SSD storage, making sure that you can work on multiple projects at once without any lag or slowdown. Plus, with an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics card, you’ll be able to create high-quality graphics in no time.

The ZenBook features a 14″ full HD IPS touch display with NanoEdge bezels and wide viewing angles so you can enjoy content in vivid color from all angles. And the screen is designed to reduce blue light emission so you won’t strain your eyes during long hours of working on the laptop. On top of that, the ErgoLift hinge automatically raises the keyboard to a comfortable typing position which further helps reduce fatigue when using it for extended periods of time.

Asus has also included their unique NumberPad 2.0 feature which turns the trackpad into a numerical pad by just pressing one button, making it easy for you to enter numbers quickly when working on projects that require them. And with its fast-charging technology, you can get up to 60% battery life in just 49 minutes! All this combined makes the ASUS ZenBook 14″ an excellent touch laptop for graphic design and other creative professionals who need both style and power.

– No. 5: Acer Spin 5 13″

The Acer Spin 5 13″ is an amazing touch laptop that is ideal for graphic designers. Its convertible design allows it to double as a tablet, while its 13” full HD display provides stunning visuals and crisp detail. You’ll have plenty of power to work with thanks to its Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of solid-state storage. Plus, the battery life is impressive — up to 14 hours on a single charge — so you won’t be left in the dust when working on long projects.

What sets this laptop apart from the competition is its included active stylus pen, which gives you precise control over cursor movement and brushstrokes. It also features multi-finger gesture support for easy navigation around your workspace and has two USB Type-C ports for connecting external monitors or other accessories. And if you’re worried about weight, don’t be — this laptop only clocks in at 3.2 pounds, making it one of the lightest touch laptops on the market.

So if you’re looking for a powerful yet portable touch laptop for graphic design tasks, then the Acer Spin 5 13″ is an ideal choice. With its impressive performance and versatile design, you’ll have everything you need to take your creative vision to new heights!

– Final Thoughts on the Best Touch Laptops for Graphic Designers

Choosing the best laptop for a graphic designer is no easy task. Graphic designers need reliable devices to produce their work quickly and efficiently. When looking for a touch laptop for graphics design, it’s important to consider the display, portability, and power of the device. The right laptop should be able to handle multiple tasks without compromising performance.

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When considering options, it’s important to look at laptops that offer excellent performance with high-resolution displays that support touch screen capabilities. It’s also important to focus on laptops with good battery life and great connectivity features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. After all, a great laptop should be able to help you take your art to the next level without weighing you down.

The top 5 touch laptops for graphic designers are Apple MacBook Pro 16″, Dell XPS 13″, Microsoft Surface Book 3, ASUS ZenBook 14″ and Acer Spin 5 13″. All five of these laptops offer excellent performance with high-resolution displays that support touch screen capabilities. They also come with great battery life, powerful processors and plenty of ports for connecting peripherals.

Apple MacBook Pro 16″ boasts an impressive Retina display with True Tone technology which supports a wide P3 color gamut and 500 nits of brightness. This makes it ideal for creating stunning visuals while being incredibly portable at just 4 pounds (1.83kg). It also features Intel Core i7 processors, up to 64GB RAM and up to 8TB SSD storage space – perfect for any graphic designer!

Dell XPS 13″ comes packed with an InfinityEdge display that offers 4K UHD resolution for beautiful visuals along with 10th generation Intel Core i7 processors for powerful performance in any situation. It also has fast Wi-Fi 6 connectivity so you can stay connected whenever you need it most. Plus, it weighs just 2 pounds (0.91kg), making it one of the lightest available options in its class!

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is another top choice due to its 15 inch PixelSense Display which offers breathtaking visuals and vibrant colors along with a responsive touchscreen experience. It also includes 10th generation Intel Core i7 processors for superior multitasking capabilities as well as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q graphics card – perfect for intensive graphical tasks such as video editing or 3D rendering!

ASUS ZenBook 14″ is designed specifically with creativity in mind – featuring a NanoEdge display that has 100% sRGB color gamut coverage ensuring vivid and accurate colors onscreen every time you work on your projects. This laptop also packs an 11th generation Intel Core processor which is perfect for multitasking while providing up to 19 hours of battery life in between charges!

Finally, Acer Spin 5 13″ provides a beautiful full HD IPS touchscreen display along with Intel Iris Xe Graphics allowing you to easily create complex designs quickly and accurately. This machine also offers up to 12 hours of battery life so you can stay productive wherever your creative ideas take you!

All five options discussed here provide amazing performance for creative professionals who want powerful laptops at their fingertips without sacrificing portability or battery life – giving them everything they need when working on their artwork!


In conclusion, investing in the right touch laptop for graphic design can make all the difference in your projects. With so many options on the market, we’ve highlighted five of the best laptops for graphic designers: Apple MacBook Pro 16″, Dell XPS 13″, Microsoft Surface Book 3, ASUS ZenBook 14″ and Acer Spin 5 13″. Regardless of your budget or specific needs, one of these machines is sure to meet your requirements. With their powerful processors, high-quality displays and wide range of features, these laptops are designed to help you create beautiful designs with ease. So if you’re looking for a laptop that will help you take your graphic design projects to the next level, any one of these five options is sure to do the job.