Best Modem For Google Wifi And Google Nest-Which Are The Best & Affordable?

Google is showing its best performance in the software industry and the hardware industry, And that’s exactly why Google launched a service called Google WiFi in 2016.

So if you’re a google wifi user and looking for a review about the best modem for google wifi and google nest, this page might be an enough-researched review for you online!

This review has properly researched each modem and tried to highlight their features, facilities, price variation, capacity, etc.

We’ve covered 5 best selling items that are usually known as the best cable modem for google wifi in today’s market!

So let’s get started!

If you’re a busy guy, follow the Rundown list below!

  • Google WiFi System: The Easiest and Most Convenient– The Google wifi system is the revelation of a mesh router that will cover your whole area with a high-speed network.
  • Google Nest Wifi: Flexible Wi-Fi System It will ideally work with your devices and help you to eliminate buffering in every room with its 4400 sqft long-distance network coverage.
  • TP-Link-Deco M5:  ReliableIt uses a system of units to gain seamless entire-home network coverage, and eliminate every dead zone and weak signal.
  • Motorola MB7621 Cable Modem: Set It Up Within a Minute- The Entire process of setting up this modem with your google wifi system will only require a few moments and need some basic understanding of networking.
  • NETGEAR Cable Modem CM500: Best Choice For Most People-  Why we’re saying that is it’s an affordable modem with lots of features that make it a handy modem for your google wifi and google nest.

1. Google WiFi System: The Easiest and Most Convenient

The latest and most advanced technology for mesh wifi devices is probably the Google WiFi system. It’s a device that deserves praise, But of course, That is for its work.

The history behind this remarkable discovery by Google is, They knew that no traditional router could meet the demand for WiFi in today’s world

Surely the walls and long-distance make it too hard for a single router to transfer a good network signal to all the rooms and room’s corners.

To solve the issue for the most valuable people like you, Google has launched their most powerful wifi system in the market that can offer great network coverage, a strong signal on your dead zone, and more.

The system massively helps you to keep your network signal strong by sending you the best wifi point as you move throughout your area.

If you don’t know about the google wifi system, then Listen, it’s a flexibly connected wifi system that overspread any home in fast and reliable coverage.

Let’s take a short look at the primary features and benefit of the google wifi system:

Great Coverage: Although the device offers less feature, you’ll surely love the coverage, because it’s able to provide up to 1.500 square feet per point, you can add up to 5 points in your one mash system.

Good to say that, this device supports both star and daisy chain configuration and you can add more points to adjust homes of any size.

Automatic Network Optimization: Its 802.11.k/v client roaming and acts with direct devices to your router channels with an ideal performance for the home network.

Performance: How is it possible? We were really surprised to see this from Google! You’ll be able to connect up to 100 devices with each point at the same time, also you will get the same WiFi speed for each of your devices!

You will also enjoy its multiple simultaneous high-resolution and 4K video streaming on Netflix[1]  and other streaming services.

Security: Google has been serving us for a long time across multiple platforms, we can trust each of Google’s products in terms of security.

The device comes with WPA3 encryption security and your device will be constantly updated for security, so no worry!

So there is no reason not to use it!


  • Offers Quad-Core ARM High-Working Processor
  • 4GB eMMC Flash With 512 MB RAM
  • 15W power adapter
  • Solid Design and Lightweight Body


  • There are only two Ethernet ports and does not offer any web interface

2. Google Nest Wifi: Flexible Wi-Fi System

When people search for google wifi review, the first result you might find online is the google nest wifi, it’s an excellent mesh router system that allows top speed and can be easily handled!

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Although you can prefer the first item on this list, we highly prefer this one for so many reasons, one of them is it offers a solid internet speed.

In addition to this, you can also say that the google nest wifi is the updated version of the google wifi system, But they are in the market in different ways, you can buy which one is good for you according to your needs.

To prove the Nest wifi a little better than the google wifi system, we can notice the aspect of memory, google wifi only comes with 512MB RAM, while the Nest wifi system offers 1GB.

To understand the subject a little better, we can create a section below with the full features and benefits of the product.

Wireless Technologies: This device is handled by MU-MIMO technology, and can support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.

Design: it’s available in 3 colours, but the actual look is super clean and eye-catching because google always focuses on two things, product quality and design.

WiFi Coverage and Connectivity: Google wifi can cover up to 4500 sq ft and 1500 sq ft per point, while the Nest version can cover 3800 sq ft and 2200 sq ft per router and 1600 sq ft per point.

The wifi connectivity of the google wifi system is AC1200 per point, while the Nest version comes with AC2200 per router and AC1200 per point.

The external enclosure of the device is made from 45% post-consumer recycled plastic, and this is why the weight is only 1.9 pounds, so if you prefer a lightweight device on your table, just try it!

Performance: It can also handle up to 100+ devices at the same time, Although it is not a big deal because the Google WiFi system also supports it, 1GB RAM with 4GB Flash memory can attract you!

There is nothing to say about the security Because with this device you will get the same security that the Google WiFi system provides.

It uses Quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU 1.4 GHz processor, a High-performance ML hardware engine for more power.


  • It comes in a compact size
  • Built-in smart speakers
  • You can enjoy its touch controls


  • The Price seems a little bit expensive
  • Fewer Configuration options

3. TP-Link Deco M5-Reliable

When TP-Link launched it in the market, they said, all the users of Deco M5 will experience wifi like never before, in a word, they use new technology to cover your entire area in powerful wifi.

What makes the M5 unique and powerful, right?

Well, The Deco M5 can cover up to 5,500 sq ft for a home of all sizes and shapes, in a word, from your bedroom to your backyard. So you can say to your friends, “There are no dead zones in my home!”

One more thing we never want to hide about this device is that all the units will work as a router to keep the network running fast and smooth for all your connected devices.

With this M5, without any worry, you can start walking from your room to another room with your connected devices in single wifi.

In addition to this, this also works well with Amazon Alexa, simply connect it with your device and control the M5 with your common voice commands.

There is an app called Deco, the simple solution for all the TP-Link Deco M5 users because using the single app, you can monitor and manage all the things in no time!

Although google wifi offers the best security in their system, however, TP-Link connects more security to their devices, and one of them is Antivirus security which is powered by their core security plan called HomeCare!

It also uses a unique technology called adaptive routing, what it does is that it will automatically help your device to choose the right and fastest path and allow more reliable placement than a satellite system.

After considering everything, the TP-Link Deco M5 will be surely the perfect option for your google wifi system.


  • Same wifi performance in all your home’s rooms and corners
  • Adaptive routing technology for better connection
  • Manage everything in one app
  • Affordable price range


  • There is no dedicated backhaul band with the device, so you will most likely suffer from signal loss if you connect all the units wirelessly.

4. Motorola MB7621 Cable

If you’re looking for modems that work with nest wifi properly, The Motorola MB7621 Cable modem might meet your needs!

But if you follow the notice of this brand, you’ll see this modem is highly suggested for cable internet service speed up to 650Mbps.

It can be the best cable modem for google wifi if you’re a non-techy because you’ll only need a few steps to complete the setup.

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It has all the features you need, but the most reliable feature of it is the user-friendly installation, assuming you would like to use it with your google wifi, just follow the user manual and work as they have shown in the document.

The model is also certified by Comcast XFINITY and other lending cable internet service providers as well.

Compatible with Most Cable Internet Services: You can use the modem with almost all the cable internet providers.

It has 24 upstream and 8 downstream channels, so it is much easier to handle up to 650Mbps wifi speed for this modem.

The flexible approach will hugely help you to pair the modem with your google wifi or any mesh wifi system.


  • Ideal for a google wifi system
  • Broadcom integrated circuit technology
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Its support DOCSIS 3.0, 2.0


  • The size of the device is relatively large compared to others

5. NETGEAR Cable Modem CM500: Best Choice For Most People

When you want to use the google wifi system in your home or office, you should always try to find out the best one,

With this in mind, Netgear offers the CM500 cable modem that looks compact and plays an important role in offering the best performance for a mesh wifi system.

This cable modem is also certified for DOCSIS 3.0, so you can use the modem with the major cable internet service providers such as Comcast XFINITY,

As an affordable cable modem, it gives a lot of features and benefits such as firmware updates, advanced security system, fast networking, and more!

Performance: The device can provide a 16x faster internet speed than DOCSIS 2.0 devices, and the maximum is 680Mbps.

With this high-performance, you’ll always have a reliable connection, so you don’t have to worry about Ultra HD video streaming, in a word, you’ll enjoy a lag-free connection all the time!

To ensure a reliable cable network performance, The modem also features 16 downstream and four upstream channels.

Just look at the modem, you’ll surely feel that it’s a slick-looking device that is made with gloss plastic. It is designed in a way that prevents overheating issues because it comes with fast cooling vents along the bottom edge and top edge for passive venting.

If you’re an active Netgear’s router or modem user, you may know that they offer the most simple controlling system via your web browser, and this modem is no exception, you can also manage all the things in one place.

Due to being a cable modem, you can easily connect it with your google wifi system, and once it connects to your mesh system, it will be ready to use!


  • Compatible with DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 networks
  • Simple CD-less installation
  • It’s support IPv6 next generation internet addressing
  • You can simply monitor the modem
  • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


  • It’s made of plastic, if you don’t keep it in the right position or place, it can be broken with a little pressure!

The Factors And Features To Consider Before Purchasing Modems That Work With Nest Wifi

When it comes to buying a google wifi friendly mode, you should consider some major factors that matter.

You should not pick a modem that you can buy at an affordable price range instead check too many things such as how much speed the modem will support, wifi compatibility, security, Ethernet ports, and more.

Let’s guide you with the first feature, Speed,

Speed: This is the most important thing in a wifi modem in today’s market, you can find a huge number of modem that allow 100-300Mbps, but don’t pick them before checking their maximum speed limit.

Because the modem you’re going to buy for your google wifi is not for one or two months, it’s for your present and future. The maximum speed should be 500-2000Mbps for the current technologies.

But remember the speed is limited by what your internet service providers allow, but always make sure your modem has the capability of supporting the maximum speed from your ISP.

WiFi Compatibility: Suppose, suddenly you have picked a modem that is not compatible with your internet provider! So it is always better to buy anything after checking all the features and compatibility with other services.

Here we can suggest you follow the modem compatibility or check our review on that particular item from the list of the Best Modem For Google Wifi And Google Nest.

Ethernet Ports: The more Ethernet ports in a modem, the more devices will you be able to connect.

We recommend selecting a modem with more Ethernet ports so that you can connect more devices in the same modem, and connect google wifi as well!

DOCSIS Standard: The highest fastest DOCSIS Standard is the 3.1, and 2.0 is old, so when buying your Google WiFi Modem, make sure you have picked a device that supports DOCSIS 3.1 or 3.0.

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Security: Checking advanced security in a router is good, but did you know checking it in a modem is more than good? Because advanced security will vastly protect your mesh wifi system from virus and malware.

Here you should look at the modem you’re going to pick that is able to get updated automatically. This mainly protects your wifi from being victim to inauthentic use.

How Does Google Wifi Work

First of all, you have to know what is google wifi, it’s a home mesh wifi system that will replace all your traditional router or modem and offer seamless network coverage throughout your office or home.

Google provides multiple points with their system to bring the internet right where you want to set it, of course, you’ll require an internet service provider and a good modem for the network.

When you have done your setup part, the google wifi points will start creating high-powered connections and continually supply the fastest bandwidth for all your connected devices on the same network.

What You’ll Require To Use Google WiFi?

First, you’ll need to have a good speed wifi connection, and then need to have a modem, a google account and an android phone that use a 6.0 android version or higher than that.

Google recommends their system if a user has a large home or area where needs more wifi power for their devices, but if you have a one or two-room house, you should not use it, a single router will be enough for you!

How Does The Google Nest Wifi Router Works?

As mentioned, The nest wifi is a better solution than google wifi, but the working process is the same,

Once you buy it, you’ll need to put multiple points around your office or home, and these points will work as one single router.

But the main point will require adding directly to your modem so that it can serve your network to all points properly.

FAQ Section:

#1: Can you use nest WIFI with Google WIFI?

Yes! But google always suggests using the nest wifi as the main point in the combined wifi network.

But if you need more points, you can use google wifi as a second or next point to your mesh system, but when you have Nest wifi and google wifi together, don’t use google wifi as your primary point while the Nest offer the best performance and coverage.

#2: What Is The Difference Between Google Nest And Google Mesh?

The google nest is an AC2200 mesh system, where you can get speed up to 2200Mbps, and also each Nest Wifi point doubles as a smart speaker.

On the other hand, google wifi is an AC1200 mesh system that offers 1200 Mbps wifi speed at a time, and there is no smart speaker with the google wifi system.

#3: Does Google Nest Wifi Replace My Router?

Yes! As you know the Nest version is the most popular wifi system that covers more coverage than others like google wifi. The Nest system will replace all your existing routers to offer a strong mesh system in your home.

#4: Is there a monthly fee for Google nest WIFI?

Google Nest is not any subscription-based service, you can use it for one time payment when you buy it. It mainly works with your internet service provider, so you need to pay the bill for your wifi, not for the google device!

#5: Where do I put Google Nest WIFI?

Putting all your google nest router points as close as possible is ideal work for getting the best performance from your mesh system.

You can follow the guide provided by Google to understand this matter, but you can always point them according to your needs.

#6: How far Google Wi-Fi can reach?

Google offers the highest wifi coverage using the most advanced technologies, it is possible for google to offer up to 4,500 sq ft.


We want to finish the review of the best modem for google wifi with a high recommendation, pick the modem that actually works with the google wifi, not pick one because the price is less!

Although picking the best one from this market is not easy as you think, following the review from this page will ensure you the right modem for your needs.

For your convenience, you can simply pick the google nest wifi for your home, it’s the best according to the current market and customer reviews.

In addition to this, we never skip the TP-Link M5, from a customer point of view, this device is also a great choice for a smooth internet user experience, because it will give you the best performance even when you add more devices or walk around the house.