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10 Best Meme Maker to Create Funny Memes

Best Meme Maker to Create Funny Memes

The online experience is vastly entertaining on social media. With humorous pictures and GIFs, memes have been a part of daily sharing media content. The statistics reveal that 90% of social media users share memes with their friends almost daily. The funnier part is, most of the memes are highly relatable to any of your friends, relatives, or your life as well.

The businesses also thrive on memes in developing prospective leads through creative memes. There exists a community of people around the world who have taken this as their primary job too.

There also exist people who exclusively run social media meme pages. Posting funny memes multiple times in a day becomes imperative for such pages. Turning a picture into a funny meme is not an easy task without an appropriate meme maker. We shall quickly run you through 10 incredible online meme-makers that you can make use of. 

Factors to Check for a suitable meme maker

Though there are numerous online tools available that help you create and share memes, experts suggest selecting the one that suits your editing style. Most of the time, it is not the class of the tool, but your adaptation and suitability matter the most in creating memes. As such, your energy must be focused on being creative and not searching for the features all the time to make a simple edit. 

· User-Friendly Features

· Quick Delivery of the Output

· Preview Page

· Massive On-screen and Keyboard support functions 

· Numerous Meme Templates

· Extensive Database of Trending Memes

1. InVideo Meme Generator 

It is a sensational meme maker for beginners as well as professionals. With 3 million and more stock videos and images, InVideo is invariably the best meme maker at the moment. Create an incredible impact online with high-resolution memes with the funniest theme going viral on social media.

Several actions and edits can be done using a few clicks, and most of them happen with just one. The templates available are of immense use, and as a regular meme publisher, you will relish the speed with which the tool reacts to your commands. Be it adding a text or creating a transition; the seamless action makes the tool extensively conducive to make memes with massive speed. 

2. Filmora Video Editor

The feature-rich video editor can also be used as a meme maker. Not many people are aware of this feature at all. You can use this tool to edit images and GIFs with greater ease and enhance the quality of memes with its 1000+ special visual effects.

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The paramount feature is its text styles, and you can dramatize the picture to make an excellent meme in no time. Importing the file and sharing the output to the social media platforms is relatively easy compared to most of the meme-makers that are available these days.

3. Meme Generator

It is a free mobile application available for android users. People choose this app not only because it is free but also for its high-quality templates. You can create memes quickly with 100 meme templates and inbuilt 60 font styles.

Editing the text is very easy with this app. Further to these features, the meme generator helps customize the meme and help create your brand image. You can make use of the available stickers to create a unique style for your memes.

The remarkable benefit of this app is, there is no watermark added to your meme. The only shortcoming that we see from this application is, you cannot create any video memes using this tool.

4. Meme Factory

As the name implies, it is an inventory of the most popular memes. You can get to edit them just by searching for the same. Being a free application for smartphone users, the Advertisements might irritate you, especially as it pops while focusing keenly on editing a particular part of the meme. The database is updated with new memes, and there is no shortage of recent memes that are viral. 

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5. Memedroid

Now, it is time for us to check with a paid application. Yes, Memedroid is a paid mobile application for android users. You will never regret having installed this application, especially for its extensive features.

The memes are updated from time to time. It will allow you to see which one is trending for the day. You can make advanced edits to the memes and also make them customized for your style. The app offers multi-language support. 

6. Meme Creator

If you are a beginner attempting to start a meme page for yourself, use this meme maker tool. With whopping 600+ meme templates, the application is suitable for creating their memes with much ease. The option to upload pictures to create personal memes is also possible.

The dedicated editing panel in the tool is considered to be the best feature of this app. You can readily share the memes on social media platforms using Meme creator.

7. Memetic

It is an application that can help you create memes super-fast. Though the app has limited features, the incredible speed in reacting to the commands and editing the texts make this tool a viable option for meme creators.

Add the captions fast and even share them with your friends and relatives at equal speed. The app does not have any advanced editing feature, and that is the only downfall.

8. Memes Maker and Generator

It is the best app to make video memes. With many meme makers not giving this option, Meme maker and generator have remarkable features. The database is also updated with recent memes, which you can make use of. 

9. Sarcasm Memes

This application is emotion-specific. Yes, you will find only sarcastic memes. Yet, some people love such humor. The templates are sarcastic memes, and you can make use of them to create new ones. The built-in templates help you to create instant memes too. 

10. Viral Meme

It is a straightforward tool to create memes in quick time. The already installed templates will allow you to create your customized memes. The effortless usage of the features and monetizing capability through the app makes it unique among many meme makers.

So, these are the best 10 meme makers that will help you create funny memes in no time. Start trying them today and see the wonderful result!

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