Basics of Desktop Wallets

We have now entered an era where digital money is the order of the day. Day in and day out people are using digital wallets and online modes of payment for their bills, buying products and paying for services. If you are keen to buy or sell cryptocurrency trading strategy, it is very essential to have an active digital crypto wallet.

Desktop Wallets

Firstly, let us understand what desktop wallets are. Whether you are using a personal computer or a laptop, as the name implies desktop wallets are online wallets that smoothly run on your machine. Whether you are using a Linux, Mac, or a windows-based system, mostly all desktops’ wallets run on all these operating systems. 

When you browse online and search for desktop wallets you will come across a series of wallets that have different features and are meant for different purposes. If you want a desktop wallet for cryptocurrency, you will have to specify that in the search so that you download the right wallet basis your needs.


Most desktop wallets are quick and function just like an app installed on your mobile phone. All those who are a little slow and not very technically sound can also easily operate desktop wallets. Most of the wallets have features like bells, reminders, and subscriptions. If you feel all these features are very tough to understand then it is best not to use these features. 

Keep it simple and transactional so that there are no errors. You might not be aware of the fact that desktop wallets, also known as cold wallets are the best digital storage that you can get for your virtual assets. These wallets generally store the assets in offline mode, which nobody can access apart from you. You would be given a private key for unlocking the features but if you lose one, it might become difficult for you to get your hands on digital assets. You can also use the private recovery seed code which is for one-time use. But if you end up losing that as well, then you would be in great trouble. Thus, it is advisable to deal with a delicate digital wallet very wisely. This makes desktop wallets extremely safe, reliable, and good for power users who want to transact regularly.

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The functionality of desktop wallets

Now that we have a fair idea about what desktop wallets are, let us know more about their functionality. Extremely useful, desktop wallets may take a little time to be downloaded. Ensure that the internet strength and speed are fine. It can be time-consuming as desktop wallets ensure that you download an entire blockchain network. Such wallets are termed full node wallets. Downloading them is a task and very time-consuming. 

Did you know that the bitcoin blockchain unit is over 300 GB? It may take a few days for the entire download to happen and once done you will synchronize the entire blockchain unit so that all data is downloaded, the system would start running. 

If the internet is slow or weak it may even take a few weeks. People across the globe rely on full node wallets as crypto transactions are done safely, swiftly and securely on it. As a user, you can verify and validate your very important transactions. 


Most desktop wallets are quite similar in their functionality. After downloading the desktop wallet you will be asked to create a new online wallet so that it will help you generate a new crypto address and you easily store all the keys and data related to it over here. 

This wallet will also help you engage with other crypto users who are mentioned in the blockchain. Truly, technology has enabled this,so that you can interact with others as they are enlisted on blockchain technology. The desktop wallet is fairly simple as it allows you to control and move the keys. 

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Since its inception, desktop wallets have evolved with the aid of new and superior technology. Many new wallets with Single Payment Verification (SPV) have entered the market. SPV wallets are very light, convenient and great to use. You need not have multiple wallets for various cryptocurrencies. The advantage of full node wallets is that they work smoothly on cryptos from that particular blockchain only. 

One of the primary reasons why people across the globe prefer desktop wallets is because it allows you to stake cryptocurrencies so that you can easily achieve a consensus.