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Are AIO Coolers Worth It? Know Everything About AIO Coolers

Are AIO Coolers Worth It

An AIO is an abbreviation of “All in one”. This case refers to a liquid CPU cooler. All in one as its name suggests, it takes a water block, fans, radiator, tubes, fittings, and pump and ties them down onto a single package. In short, AIO’s are pre-built water cooling kits.

AIO coolers are slightly different from regular CPU coolers. So if you want to know are AIO coolers worth it or not, keep on reading. Here we have focused on sharing everything in this regard. Let’s jump into the details!

Are AIO Coolers Worth It?

An AIO is a very simple solution to your cooling concern, it only takes about 20 mins to plug and play. It combines the water block, radiator, tubes, fans, fittings, and pump into 1 simple solution. You might feel the need to ask, whether liquid cooling would be better than air cooling. We’d want you to have your faith in us because we’ve got you covered with all the authentic information you need.

Speaking of which, AIO coolers are also known as closed-loop liquid coolers and are sealed. It means most of them aren’t required to be filled. Some exceptional branded AIO coolers do require to be filled with water manually by the user because of their evaporating nature through the tubing.

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As per our research, Yes. Liquid cooling is best especially if you get the larger AIO’s. In that case, you can pull off some low temperatures using those. One thing to keep in mind is that they can be very expensive while on the contrary though, several high-performing air coolers are also available on the market for you to gather which are way cheaper.

There are countless varieties of AIO’s being made nowadays, but experts suggest that you should not go with the cheaper ones! For instance, Cooler master, they are unreliable and are prone to breaking. Even worse, leakage is more concerning as users have been reporting about the issue just within a year or two of usage.

If you’re thinking about opting out for the cheaper ones, you might as well go for the air-cooled systems as to your surprise, they might serve you way better and longer than these.

So, to conclude, yes, it is totally worth it. If you are already equipped with an air cooler and want to take your cooling system to the next step, this is it. But one thing to note down before you make the move, if there’s no thermal throttling present on your setup, then there will not be many advantages in upgrading your cooling system.

Are AIO Coolers Better Than Air Coolers?

An AIO cooler is the best choice to be considered when you want a noise-free experience. Perks of using AIO coolers also include running the best of the best cooling system for your pc. Another advantage would mean a very aesthetically pleasing look.

AIOs are Quieter than Air Coolers but both air coolers and AIOs use fans to take out the heat. This increases the fan noise from your pc, which might occur as a problem to gamers. It is more noticeable when it is the only noise coming out of your pc in the midst of your room.

While AIO’s are surely better than air coolers on a few grounds, it is discouraged when you are building a PC on a budget. AIO’s are far more expensive than air cooling systems. While it may be tempting, you can get very good air coolers at a cheaper price point. Also if this is your first pc build, an AIO might just be overkill.

Is A 360mm Aio Cpu Cooler Worth It?

Going for a larger AIO means the radiators will be carrying a lower fan speed with the same amount of heat dispersal which equals less fan noise altogether.

If your pc setup has space and you can fit it, it’s worth it to shoot your shot. You can bring out the advantage of having the same water temperature with much less noise and running the fans quieter, maintaining your peace. Currently, 360mm aio coolers, in particular, are the best choice for gamers who are in the market to build a high-end gaming pc keeping budget as nothing to compromise on.

These larger AIO coolers are the most solid cooling systems, tempting you with heavy-duty liquid cooling abilities until and unless you are not willing to take on the hassle of building your own custom liquid cooling loop (CLC). It works well, with no negative side apart from the space you’ll be needing in the case and the cost increase. Other than that, you’re winning!

We suggest you consider this product as this seemed to catch enormous attention in the popularity list amongst masses worldwide.

MSI MAG Series RGB CPU Liquid Cooler (AIO)

Why You Should Choose This:

Wrapping Up

So now you know the answer to your question: are AIO coolers worth it or not. AIO coolers will be a great option to rely on because these offer a few incredible features other than regular coolers. But once again, if there is no thermal throttling, you won’t be served a lot of advantages in upgrading your cooling system.

Yet, if you have the up-to-the-mark set-up convenient with AIO coolers, we highly suggest using one. Above we have given you a choice to rely on as well. You can check that up, and thank us later.

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