Top 5 apps every driver needs

Without the use of applications, not a single day of a modern person can pass. Applications are a great tool to make life easier, especially for drivers because driving a car is a permanent tension and concentration that requires increased attention.

Let’s see what applications IT professionals offer modern drivers to improve the driving experience and make it more comfortable.


Parkopedia is one of the most important and unusual applications for the driver. By downloading it you get information about more than 70 million parking lots in more than 89 countries. What is it all for? Thanks to the application, you will quickly find parking in the area you need.

Moreover, you will be able to check availability and opening hours and also book a place and pay for it. Just imagine, you can know the latest information about the state of parking not only in your country but also in many others. Ideal for travel lovers.

apps for driver

By the way, if you are a travel lover, it is important to recommend a car life hack on how to make traveling more comfortable for you. Car rental services are gaining momentum every year.

So, for example, to rent a luxury car Dubai will make a trip to an expensive country more economical and comfortable. Surprised? Everything is simple.

Often, public transport in tourist places is unreasonably expensive, and rental cars that provide the highest level of comfort are definitely worth the money and can pleasantly surprise you by prices. Welcome to Dubai and the whole world.

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Of course, one of the most critical applications for a driver is a navigator. Which one to choose? The Vaze Navigator is good because it works quickly. Motorists mark it as the best. This application soon responds to traffic jams and updates roads.

Waze gives information based on its system. And also takes into account the messages of drivers. Users of this message can use the option of communicating with each other, thus notifying each other about different traffic situations. Therefore, any route is quickly updated with up-to-date information, which makes the application unrivaled.


Well, of course, how can a road pass without music? In this application for fun trips, there is even a special mode “Behind the wheel”, we are sure you will not get bored on the road. If you are not ready to purchase a paid subscription, you can use the free version of the application with ads. The only limitation is music with ads. In the paid version, you can listen to music without any restrictions.

Car scanner

This self-diagnostic car app is your little pocket scientist. Now, if there is a problem notification on your dashboard, it is enough just to take advantage of the possibilities of this miracle.

The program will read the error and issue a transcript – you will find out what exactly is out of order and how urgently you need to contact the service center. The scanner can work with vehicles that are compatible with the OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) standard.


The application is very similar to the previous one. The way it works is the same – it finds errors, monitors, and checks the car. What’s more, the app saves all data to keep track of future changes. It also works with vehicles that support the OBD-II standard.

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We hope that you have found something new and really useful for yourself. We believe it will make your life easier. Share with your fellow drivers and develop your driving life.